Our Services

Our services encompass the range from the original brief and sourcing of the individual extending to a “whole of service” offering across multiple functions.

Executive Search

We essentially operate as a Search business, adopting this approach for the majority of all of our assignments. This means that we do not rely solely on a database or advertising, but utilise a deep zero-based research model to identify those candidates who closely align with the specific position requirement.


Depending on our client’s needs we will recommend the most appropriate recruitment strategy. This may involve either a targeted search, a database review or print or web-based advertising. Print or web-based advertising is generally reserved for clients who are obliged to advertise the role to the wider market.

Succession Planning

Given our extensive property industry experience, we are able to evaluate existing employees within an organisation and assess their suitability for management roles, further development or promotion to more senior positions, including succession.

Organisational Structure

We are also experienced to provide advice around structuring of the human resources to suit a particular business model and the costs associated/involved for both existing businesses and/or start-ups.

Remuneration Advisory

Due to our specialised experience and in-depth understanding of the property industry, we are fully aware of current remuneration levels for all roles. We are also able to consult with organisations, in order to provide market evidence of comparable packages and benefits for internal reviews or benchmarking.

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